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Freda ist Mitbegründerin der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Europäischen Focusing Teacher EFA (European Focusing Association EFA) (seit 2017)

In 2016 war sie Host der Europäischen Focusing Association (EFA Meeting 2016) mit dem Angebot eines Forums für Community Wellness Focusing

FOCUSZART - Freda Blob, Europäisches EFA Meeting 2016, Focusing Zentrum Tübingen, ©Nikolaos Kypriotakis

EFA Meeting Tübingen

We worked through a quite tough topic list and yet there was plenty of warm hearted and joyful friendship time

Our meeting in Tübingen was for me, once again, a unique experience. That which I valued most was the quality of this meeting. Somehow we managed to create a warm, open, respectful and accepting atmosphere, in which everyone could find his/her place, his/her time, his/her rhythm; everyone could be him/herself. ( ... ... ) And of course there was the friendly, kind, caring, unforgettable quality of presence of Freda


We all had a chance to settle into the body felt sense, and we listened and related from our body felt sense. It deepened the quality of our relationships. Together, we created a deep open listening space where each person could be held


I liked the easiness of collaborating and our trust in the group process. Having been at quite some meetings before I will recall this time for sure, especially some of the incidential things that make such a difference and make experiencing complete

Akmal and Annika

It is always inspiring and enriching meeting with Focusing community friends! (... ...) Thank you Freda, thank you everyone for providing such a home atmosphere


I sensed a warm appreciation for all the preparations done by Friedgard to get us together in beautiful Tübingen in Germany. I experienced very positively the cultural history the European Focusing community is based upon and how it is growing forward

Konferenzbeitrag Internationales Focusing Institut TIFI

Focusing Oriented Therapy Conference 2023 TIFI

The Fresh Urgency of Now and the

Transformational Power of Focusing-Oriented Therapy

The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) has hosted this online conference (November 2 - 5, 2023)

Recordings available till March 31, 2024 to be purchased with the International Focusing Institute

Präsentationen im internationalen Focusing Projekt 'Community Empowerment and Help for Helpers'

Leitung Lynn Preston

Video Creative Compassion,

26. November 2023

Video Embodies Aesthetics for Wellbeing, 07. Februar 2022

Video New Beginnings - Attunement,

26. April 2021

Konferenzbeiträge International Expressive Arts Therapy Association IEATA®

15. IEATA Konferenz 2023 (July 14-16, 2023)

Workshop Creative Compassion: Building Relational Empathy through Expressive Arts Focusing Activities

14. IEATA Konferenz 2022 (January 14-16-2021

Workshop Into the More: Exploring the Transformative Potential of Expressive Avenues

IEATA2023_Handout ©FOCUSZART_Freda_Blob
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IEATA2022_Handout ©FOCUSZART_Freda_Blob
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Präsentationen Focusing Initiatives International

Webinar Expressive Art Focusing ExAF: A Debut Presentation

Learn to trust your inner artist and your body’s inner guidance, November 5, 2022

With a SAFE guide for self-pathed practice

Webinar: With the Help of Your Inner Advisor

Expressive Art Focusing for Corona Resilience, May 6, 2020

FOCUSZART - Freda Blob ©Jessica Ruscella/Unsplash

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